Youth Card

The project "FuturoDigitale Youth Card" which has been proposed by ERASMUS students and made by FuturoDigitale for:

  • offer a better welcome to ERASMUS students who live in your country: will be eligible for exclusive partnerships, deals and discounts at local level;
  • encourage local youth to become European citizens: organized activity in which students will be involved.

Our proposal is presented as a vehicle of cultural promotion and a contribution to the social integration of these young boys with the aim of giving them easy access to various services that the local community offers.

Be a partner in this network demonstrates the involvement in the future of Europe and intercultural dialogue: support the project "FuturoDigitale Youth Card" is therefore an expression of interest to young people.


Become a partner and submit your deals! You will receive a sticker to stick into your business and gain access to the Facebook group of promotion where there will be all the companies participating in the project like you!

Partner Affiliation Request


  • Increased visibility
  • Local advertising
  • Customer growth


Join the project FuturoDigitale Youth Card is easy! Download the following form and after having completed hand it in our offices.

Affiliation Request Young


  • Participate in activities carried out by FuturoDigitale
  • Attend a multilingual and multicultural environment
  • In affiliated companies to the project


City where the Youth Card is active

  • Terranova da Sibari (CS)
  • Rossano Calabro (CS)-work in progress
  • Sant'Antonio Abate (NA)-work in progress
  • CORI (LT)-work in progress