Together We are Strong

Futuro Digitale is constantly committed to facilitate and promote the perfect inclusion of all its students and trainees. In fact, through careful Human Resource Management, we try to find the most suitable people to perform a certain task.  Our motto: “The right people, in the right place, for the right job”.  We have developed an ad hoc protocol for the selection and insertion of candidates, which offers valid and useful indications of attitudes and competencies. But, it is not just a selection and evaluation activity.  It is also and above all, a humanized process of orientation, specifically aimed at understanding the skills and abilities of persons, enhancing them in the most suitable and appropriate context.

As a starting point, individualized paths are developed from time to time by consistently involving people in negotiating the tasks and tasks to be done, until a customized work plan is drawn up from the initial contacts (mail, WhatsApp, etc.) starting from the training course and the experience of the past.  After the interview and the delivery of an aptitude questionnaire, feedback is given about the possible insertion.
Our secret lies in the ability of our staff to facilitate, promote and maintain a good and effective form of effective and transparent communication between all parties involved.

An experience to live together
Futuro Digitale believes in the power of ideas, in the exchange of thoughts and opinions in pursuit of goals, growth and innovation. All this, through the energy of the dynamic and creative working group. That’s what we are trying to do. Through our programme “Together We Are Strong”, we try to promote the participants’ skills and abilities by involving them in stimulating and motivating activities.


The goal is to create a working team that is as effective as possible, achieving the goals set by highlighting differences, recognizing the roles and potential of colleagues, minimizing conflicts and relational difficulties.

All of this also has undeniable beneficial effects for self-esteem of group members, to enhance the security of working groups, to build trust and awareness of their means, seeking and finding new and unexpected resources.

Our experience has led us to structure a series of activities that go in this direction:

  • develop listening and communication
  • development of positive relationships
  • motivation to work
  • the establishment of a true working group of participants from all over Europe.

For Futuro Digitale, communication is relationship!