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The European week of Sport!

MOVE  Week is an annual campaign, part of the NowWeMOVE campaign. This year the MOVE Week will take place from 29 September to 5 October. Objective of MOVE Week is to promote in Europe the benefits of being active and practicing regularly sport and physical activity. A wide variety of promoters of physical activity (which we call MOVE Agent), will coordinate events in sport and physical activity, MOVE existing or new Week. The MOVE Week and campaign NowWeMOVE are coordinated centrally by the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) in collaboration with the European Cyclists ‘ Federation (ECF). The 2014 Edition is supported financially by the European Union.

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MOVE event Week 2014 to FuturoDigitale

Game Sport “Young Europe”

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the ballet school Flash Dance

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The football club Sporting Terranova

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And the Club Amateur Handball Terranova  

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Date: Sunday 5 October 2014

Place: Playground-Palazzetto dello Sport-Stadio Comunale Terranova da Sibari

Detail: From numerous investigations regarding behaviors and habits of children and adolescents in Europe shows the tendency of adults to organize every spare moment of boys, with an increasing rise in the use of technological devices (computer, playstation …).

The economic difficulties, an environment and reduced opportunities of access to accommodation insecure and education services, social and health services, as well as cultural, sporting and recreational activities, are all living conditions that hinder healthy, balanced growth.

Specifically, you want to promote the participation of all stakeholders to the Association of the territory and an actual process of social inclusion. Specifically, the idea is to organize a day where they will be involved schools (kindergarten, primary and secondary), sports operators (gym, dance studios, sports clubs including football and handball) and voluntary associations where everyone will present its own discipline involving children with games and performances. The municipality will be animated by events to kick off what, over time, should become a real lifestyle involving not only the small citizens but also a whole range of facilities that will begin to interact with them carefully and systematically.

Participants will be invited to put on your Facebook page and the site of future digital their observations of the day, ideas, photos, videos. The aim is to promote the intelligent use and “healthy” of social networks. not only as pure laxity but above all as a means of “healthy” communication.

This material will then be processed by schools to create an educational path where students who attended the event will become “teachers” of new classes (and thus new students) are formed each year. Then, each child and boy will become testimonial of future generations.

The day will take place at the playground of the municipality of Newfoundland or alternatively in bad weather, in the Sports Hall.

Main partners: Gym, sports clubs, dance studios, parish, voluntary associations.

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