Italian Lessons + Cultural Program

Italian lessons + cultural program

If culture makes you feel happy and if visiting castles is one of your favorite things, this program will benefit your knowledge of Italian and fulfill your expectations of what the historical richness is. You will get the food for your brain and for your soul.

The language lessons in the classroom are combined with cultural activities designed in collaboration with local associations and cooperatives that Futuro Digitale works with online.

Every visit and excursion is held by experienced guides.

Frequency: 24 hours.

6levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

Responsible teacher: Tiziano Caudullo.

Tutor: Chiara Manna.

Hours of lessons per day:  4 hours in class + 8 cultural hours.

Cost:  150 euro + 15 euro (for classroom lessons + registration fee and insurance)

42 euro per an excursion (including the transport).

Minimum 5 participants.

Maximum 10 participants.

Total price: 207 €.

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