Internships and Experiences

Futuro Digitale is an organization which works in close collaboration with universities, schools, colleges, and Italian companies. Thanks to its extensive networks of local and international partners, it gives the possibility for students to perform internships and learning experiences in various fields, and thus to receive a strong background and additional knowledge.

Then, the numerous internships and experiences provided by the organization enable apprentices to become professionally and personally enriched, by integrating a socio-cultural dimension.

On the whole, being a part of Futuro Digitale, is to give you efficient means to expand your skills and abilities alongside experienced tutors and counsellors, and subsequently ensure you a better access in the labour market.

We can offer internships in a large range of professional sectors such as:

Training Cycles of Middle Grade

Professional sectors


Formative Cycles of Higher Degree

Professional sectors

We are able to provide a complete program of reception that includes the following services:

  • Organization of training programs with analysis of individual profiles
  • Education and training programmes for trainers, teachers and professionals
  • Individual interviews with students
  • Tutoring, monitoring and final evaluation of various projects assigned
  • Accommodation
  • Italian Language courses, Excursions and Programs of social and cultural integration
  • Certifications (European Mobility, Youthpass etc.)

Our services include:

Erasmus+ Traineeships

  • Workplan
  • Final report
  • Provision of documents such as the Euro Pass, evaluation of job performance, certificates of participation in training and a letter of recommendation from a tutor
  • Constant monitoring of activities with weekly reports
  • Provides documents certifying the Internship Training, evaluation of job performance and a letter of recommendation from a tutor

To create and establish new longterm partnerships write us: info@futurodigitale.org

Our main intention is to find the best working environment regardin your CVs, personal skills and a level language.


Erasmus Experience

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