International Event ERASMUS +

FuturoDigitale and Hostaria Antico Borgo

in collaboration with the municipal administration of Terranova da Sibari

Department of culture and entertainment

they organized

Erasmus International Event

 “People from Europe: integration and opportunities

On August 5, 2015 at 20:30 at Terranova da Sibari, in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele III was held the “International Erasmus.

Protagonists of the evening:

  • # 7 University students from France, Turkey, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Czech Republic, who are doing an internship (3 months) at FuturoDigitale in Management and operation of a NGO within the ERASMUS + Internship;
  • # 3 young aspiring entrepreneurs from Spain and Turkey under the ERASMUS for young entrepreneurs programme, always at FuturoDigitale.

Purpose of the evening was to promote, through the experience of young people and students, the opportunities offered by the European Union and promote the cultural integration, multilingualism and European mobility for young people.

You tried to “represent” the cultural integration of which their witness: the EU as a resource to draw on, and all the channels to follow in order to take advantage of the various opportunities offered to students and young entrepreneurs.

Students for this event were managed by Teacher Fiorella Noia, presented their country, through the presentation of their dishes and traditional music.

The evening then ended with a moment of jazz, blues and rock breatish with:

  • Daniela Piraino
  • Ed Ward
  • Attilio Costa

three thick music professionals.

The great merit of this initiative was to networking associations in the territory. The peculiarity of this event is the fact that young students from different European countries (ERASMUS programme), will be engaged through their witness and the presentation of their country (including dishes), in this grand gesture to make known to the young Newfoundlanders Europe.

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