ERASMUS+ KA3: Project “Caribbean Network”

Futuro Digitale is a partner of the project

“Erasmus+ Caribbean Network”

Civil Society Cooperation

ID project: EACEA/31/2014-560553

Running date: 2015 (12 mesi)



The association FuturoDigitale is partner of the Erasmus + project “Caribbean Network”, being the leader the British Organisation Inspirational Volunteer Journeys, with headquarters in Nottingham and Montserrat Island (British territory on the Caribbean). The project, with duration of 12 months, has been approved in the field of the Erasmus+ Key Action 3 funding – Civil Society Cooperation-Youth, as a result between 21 proposes of financing for the related deadline.

It is about a structured dialogue process with the aim of promoting the Erasmus + Program in the European territory as well as in the Atlantic, creating a cooperation network between the organisation belonging to the called “Overseas countries and territories” (OCT) and those countries of the continental Europe. The objective of the network is creating a mobility action and a durable strategic partnership among the partner organizations, after a first phase of dialogue that comes implemented through the work group and the transnational meeting.

The partners are subdivided in international and collateral task groups.

Task group 1: establishment and expansion of the partnership – leader organisation: MUNDI Global Education, UK.

This group will work including on the partnership new European and Caribbean organizations. Other objective is to initiate a discussion in order to create a youth network in the Caribbean area, formed by citizens and associations interested on the Erasmus +. The headquarter of the meeting: Nottingham, UK.

Functions of the group:

  1. To create the statutes of the network and new agreement procedure.
  2. To elaborate criteria for the membership, especially the necessary procedures to associate, to find new partners and to share the results of the project.
  3. To develop a model for strategic partnership KA2 that will be able to be used by the members of the network for create new collaborations.

Task group 2: to promote the activity of the network related to the topic of the European citizenship, environmental and entrepreneurship – leader organisation: IVJ, Montserrat.

In order that the network can adopt a strategic approach to increase the opportunities of the youngsters, the work group will promote the success projects of the members of the network. The objective is to reduce the resources of the partnership, presenting projects in favor of youth about the said topics. The headquarter of the meeting: Nottingham, UK and Montserrat, UK.

Functions of the group:

  1. To adapt the youth exchanges presenting to the partner organizations a different learning objective.
  2. To optimize the mobility propose among the members of the network.

Task group 3: it is occupy to increasing the presence of the network in the OCT territories, using as the headquarter St. Maarten, a Caribbean Holland island, easily connected with the continental Europe and close to the French territory of St. Martin.

Leader organisation: St. Maarten Youth Council Association, Netherlands. The headquarter of the meeting: Philipsburg, St. Maarten.

Functions of the group:

  1. Participation on the citizen network and youth activist of the OCT and other European countries.
  2. To create a regional road map for young and youth organizations in order to access at European funding.
  3. To invite at youngs of the OCT territory to participate in events of the network, as a way to valorize their local work.

Task group 4: (in which is included FuturoDigitale) it is occupy to share and to implement strategies of social inclusion and to promote the interculturality of the Erasmus +.

Leader organisation: Africa CO2, Belgium.

The work group has the aim to face the inclusion of disadvantaged youngs in the mobility opportunities of the Erasmus +. In the moment in which, as happen in many continental Europe countries, youngs from the OCT territory live facing important geographical obstacles. The lack of awareness on the opportunities offered by the Erasmus + Program and the certainty that only the Local Governmental Agencies can access to the European funds, implicate an exclusion risk in the participation on the mobility projects of Erasmus + of those youngs and the youth organizations of the Caribbean European territory. The headquarter of the meeting: Brussels, Belgium.

Functions of the group:

  1. To create a sub-group inside the network that can analyze the needs and the experience of the youngs who faced with geographical obstacles.
  2. To analyze the planned national politics to confront the topic of youngs who live with geographical obstacles and/or come from little islands or rural communities.
  3. To demand and to collect information about the possibilities of involve youngs from the OCT territory on the Erasmus +.

The project is thought to have a triennial duration, but every year IVJ have to send new project proposals for giving continuity to the initiative. As of today, some results already have been obtained. The meeting on video conference has taken placed in September/October 2015, whereas some mobility actions in entry and exit have been presented on the last deadline of the Erasmus.

FuturoDigitale, for example, has chased as consultant and exchange the idea with IVJ, been include in 3 KA1 presentations of IVJ, developed and funded by Montserrat (2 Youth exchanges and 1 EVS).

Between the involved partners there are some local institutions on the Caribbean area and the Overseas Countries and Territories Association (OCTA).