Unofficial Guide: Cultural Night in Erasmus +


How to organize a Cultural Night

Here are seven steps to follow to begin an exciting intercultural evening.

So, you have been selected to participate in a project of Erasmus +. As you know, Erasmus + as continuation of the Youth in Action Programme, focuses on the development of a wide range of skills, increasing youth employment and offering young people a whole range of possibilities in education and training.

In addition, we also focus on intercultural exchange. Participating in a project under the Erasmus programme + you can share the traditions of young participants, from different parts of Europe and satisfy their curiosity about their cultures.

During the project, you have the ability to do all this but in particular, this happens during the evening. At this point, you might be wondering, so what is an intercultural evening.

An intercultural evening is an activity in which participants present their own Country, their own cities, their own traditions, but also a way to have a chance to sample different local flavor and to get more information about places and cities, costumes, music and folk dancing!

You are thinking that is “too” and you don’t know where to start? Here are eight easy steps to successfully represent your country in the framework of the intercultural evening.

  1. National flag
  2. Dressed in traditional clothes
  3. Played traditional music (if you know how to play an instrument be sure to learn how to play a traditional song)
  4. Made a short presentation with the most relevant information about your country (the main cities, the most visited places, local customs, including creative games and quizzes)
  5. Share personal stories
  6. Bring food and traditional drinks in your region
  7. Cook a traditional dish
  8. Let your hair down dancing rediscovering the charm of traditional dances

And remember: enjoy every moment of the intercultural evening and put as much as you can to make it original and rich, so others will benefit the most and will be interested in finding out more and more your culture!