Futuro Digitale is partner of the Project

Innovation and Capacity Building in Higher Education for Cultural Management

Hospitality and Sustainable Tourism in European Cultural Routes

Strategic Partnerships for youth


Number Identification: 2015-1-ES01-KA203-016142

Running dates 01/09/2015 – 31/08/2017

Website: Cultour+


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  • Universidad de Extremadura (Spain – Applicant)
  • FuturoDigitale (Italy)
  • Technology Information Management Education (Greece)
  • Research and Innovation in Education Institute (Poland)
  • University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (Poland)
  • European Grants International Academy Srls (Italy)
  • Radom Higher School (Poland)
  • Varna Free Universit (Bulgaria)
  • Câmara Municipal
  • De São Pedro do Sul (Portugal)

Project Summary

Innovation and Capacity Building in Higher Education for Cultural Management, Hospitality and Sustainable Tourism in European Cultural Routes (CULTOUR+) is a Strategic Partnership (SP) of universities, local governments, SMEs and NGOs, that following the mainlines of the Higher Education Modernisation Agenda, is offering high quality and innovative courses and tools, integrating innovation, international mobility and cross-border cooperation to enhance capacity building in higher education curricula in the fields of cultural tourism and hospitality, cultural management and shared cultural heritage. Participating organizations also share the concern, expertise and experience in proving that cultural management, sustainable tourism and European Cultural Routes and Heritage can be a source to promote creative, high-quality work for young graduate and postgraduate entrepreneurs.The project will center in coaching a small number of selected business plans and projects (two for each participant country), taking the twelve projects as real life examples and models through the training program, aiming to take them as far as possible in their first starting-up phase. As models of entrepreneurial integration of the triangle knowledge, spin-offs will be encouraged by the Strategic Partnerships.


Linking an educational program to an Entrepreneurship Coaching and training Program, through variety of study and training modes and interactive learning environments, Related to selected priorities, CULTOUR+ will have significant impacts at different levels:

  • Promoting and increasing collaboration of SMEs, NGOs, public administrations with HEIs, involving employers and labour market institutions in the design and delivery of programmes, strengthening the knowledge triangle between education, research and business
  • Promoting international mobility of students, researchers and experienced professionals, building sustainable collaborative relationships between universities, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and innovation support organizations
  • Promoting tracks to graduate and postgraduate students of participant universities and HEI for entrepreneurship and employment in creative cultural projects.

The projects enumerates among its most important outputs the creation of complete business plans on a number of start-ups, the finalisation of investigations about the local conditions of pilgrim routes, the creation of different learning patterns online and the ultimate online entrepreneurial kit.