BEHAS – the Bringing Europe Home At School

Futuro Digitale is partner of the project

The Bringing Europe Home At School (BEHAS)


  • Title: the Bringing Europe Home At School (BEHAS)
  • ID Project: 2017-1-EL01-KA201-036148
  • Running date:  01-09-2017 –  31-08-2019
  • Partners
    • Directorate for Primary Education of Rodopi (Greece) – Coordinator;
    • Al I Cuza’ Highschool (Romania);
    • Municipal Council Mālpils (Latvia);
    • Club Lifelong Learning (Austria);
    • Istituto Comprensivo – Bernalda (Italy);
    • Kocaeli Provincial Directorate Of National Education (Turkey);
    • Futuro Digitale (Italy);
    • Τhe Guadalquivir Bilingual Public Elementary School-Sanlucar De Barrameda (Spain).
  • Website : http://www.behas.eu


The Bringing Europe Home at School (BEHAS) project, a Strategic Partnership comprising eight partners involved in education and mainly in primary education aims at developing the skills of the staff of Primary Education on the basis of an event of common European value and importance, so that all employees and executives, consultants, teachers and teacher trainers will be in the position to design, organize and efficiently implement an event with long-term, beneficial impact on primary education.

The proposed events, based on which, the project evolves are the following, as they are of importance for primary education:

  1. European Day of Languages (26/09)
  2. World Teacher’s Day (05/10)
  3. European Day on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse (18/11)
  4. Europe Day (09/05)
  5. European Day of Chocolate (07/07)

On the basis of these European and the Global Days and the respective thematic fields, the partners and their stakeholders design, coordinate, pilot and implement specific and creative action plans, which comprise multiple educational activities.

Our methodology is blended and pertains to continuous, as well as intensive distance and on-the-spot training to deliver the specific action plans along with a toolkit of training practices, which will be easily accessible and ready to use in the primary school. The European partners, within the aim of successfully organizing events on the aforementioned days in order to:

  1. Design and implement seminars/training seminars/workshops on the subject of four (4) European Days and one World Day
  2. Implement those activities
  3. Share and develop best practices
  4. Promote and disseminate the specific results

The BEHAS project and initiative sets all the good practices into action, tests, pilots and assess their impact and builds upon project activities that will lead to high-impact results in the thematic field of the specific European and Global Days and beyond. The BEHAS project, prepared and delivered on the project’s website, combines an educational platform and a website, where all thirty (30) action plans organized in five (5) modules, one for every thematic day, will be available and accessible for free upon the completion of the project.

During the project, the partners’ staff and beneficiaries will share, comment, organize and assess the activities, which will be delivered in their final form in English and the national languages of the project. The BEHAS most significant objective, motivation and longer-term benefit is to truly bring Europe home at primary school and establish best practices in the celebrated thematic fields of the European and the Global Days.