Erasmus Experience – Interview with Acel

A new interview is with Acel from Marocco, who is doing his internship at Futuro Digitale.

[Indrè] What Erasmus experience did you have in Terranova da Sibari?

[Acel] Well, first of all, it is the different in culture and people attitude towards foreigners, for me this is my first internship and I would say it’s good so far.

[Indrè] Do you recommend it to other people to do Erasmus and why?

[Acel] Depends on what they are looking for but for sure I don’t regret choosing it. 

[Indrè] Do you think Erasmus is important for young people and why?

[Acel] Yes, Erasmus is important because it expands your view of the world and your understanding, because no matter what people tell you about foreign countries, you won’t understand it until you experience it by yourself.