CODE Week 2016 "life is a program"

FuturoDigitale is a Partner of the European event Code Week 2016!


From 15 to October 23, 2016 takes place the week of programming Code, Codeweek, reached the Sixth Edition. During This week thousands of events are taking place across Europe to offer children and young people the opportunity to start programming! It won’t be simple seminars, but real programming experience, which will enable even the youngest have fun constructively seeing ideas take shape. The materials and methods tested during the CodeWeek will remain available to anyone who wants to use them and extend them.

What is it

The CodeWeek is a container for events proposed by anyone who shares the purposes and can help to reach them. Success is measured by counting the people, especially children and young people, who, during the week of programming will have had the opportunity to attend an event of coding. For this it is important that events are many, diverse, distributed throughout the national territory and, above all, taken part! To achieve this need the cooperation and participation of all!


The programming is the language of things. We call smart objects contain a microprocessor that is just waiting to be programmed. Program is the easiest way to realise our ideas and computational thinking stimulates creativity and helps us to solve problems of all kinds.

Where and when

The Italy participates as a protagonist in Europe Queues Week. After the extraordinary Italian participation to the 2016 Edition, Italy was given the general coordination of the European initiative. We will organize events at local and national levels, we will coordinate international events and we will launch major institutional initiatives for the school and for the boys. The interactive map of upcoming events is available online and is continuously enriched. Many of the events will be made available online to allow the participation of schools and youth groups connected by other forums.


“Life is a program”

The events will take place at:

  • Spezzano Albanese: 17 October 2016 from 9:00 to 13:00 at the middle school “Saint Giovanni Bosco”
  • Terranova da Sibari: 18 October 2016 from 9:00 to 13:00 at the middle school
  • San Lorenzo del Vallo: 19 October 2016 from 9:00 to 13:00 at the scuola media statale ” Mattia Preti ‘
  • Tarsia: 20 October 2016 by 9:00 at 13:00, at the middle school

Event detail:

  • Translate actions carried out daily in coded instructions: the concept of algorithm unconsciously used in real life to all of us;
  • How does an algorithm;

Kids can interact with tools that allow a more “professional” and aware of technologies preventing also forms of cyberbullying.